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Following features make iPanel LED Panel Light Most Advanced

(LED Panel Light is a energy saving and enviroment friendly lighting fixtures for all Interior lighting places)
Input Voltage

100- 265V AC power input, 50/60Hz working frequency, suitable for global residential energy environment.

24V DC is available too.

Revolutionary Structure Design
Revolutionary Structure Design and High Quality Materials for IPanel series Led Panel Lights.

Quality SMD LED chip
Quality SMD LED chip passed IESNA LM-80-08(USA Energy Star), with CCT and CRI options.
Warm white: 2800-3200K, Natural white: 4000-4500K, Cool white: 5700-6000K
 Color temperature

High CRI for LED Panel Light

Unique PCB design
Unique PCB design of IPanel Led Panel Light

Every SMD LED lamp is an independent unit in the series circuit. Even if any of them fails after long time work, other LED lamps will keep working and same light uniformity.


PCB design of others

Not independent unit, if one LED fails in the series circuit, the whole series will stop work and dark patch occur.

When one SMD fails,the whole sieres circuit stop work.


Optional 3H Emergency Packs
Dali Self Testing Emergency Packs or Standard 3H Emergency Packs

Dali dimming
Dali dimming and control system. (On/off, dimming by software on computer for system control.)
Wi-Fi dimming
Wireless Wi-Fi dimming.

Traditional dimming
SCR/0-10V/1-10V dimming options for iPanel sery Led Panel Light .

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